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Strain Gauge Installations

ESA Messtechnik GmbH offers services for professional strain gauge installations of highest possible quality on customers' parts and structures.

The following items shortly describe our service range:

  • Competent consulting at customer's site for defining the scope of installations
  • Professional execution of strain gauge installations on customers' parts for a wide range of operational conditions
  • Application of cold- and heat curing strain gauge adhesives for respective operational conditions
  • Strain gauge installations for operational temperature ranges from -269 °C up to +350 °C
  • strain gauge installations with free filament gages and ceramic adhesives for use at temperatures up to 1000 ° C
  • Strain gauge installations for severe environments as hot oils or fuel oils /gasoline
  • Strain gauge installations on small parts in our labs
  • Strain gauge installations on large structures at customers' sites
  • Mounting and wiring of instrumentation amplifiers and / or pre-amplifier units
  • Detailed documentation of installation work, including installation data sheets and documentation photography
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