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Strain Gauges

ESA Messtechnik offers a large variety of precision strain gauges on extremely favourable price levels for the greatly varying requirements in experimental stress analysis applications.

  • Precision strain gauges with respective installation accessories
  • Strain gauges and accessories for operating temperature ranges from -269 °C up to 1000 °C
  • Strain gauges with all variations of grid configurations, single-grid gauges, T-rosettes, 3-element-rosettes, multiple grid-(chain)-gauges
  • Grid resistances from 60 ohms up to 5000 ohms
  • Highly competent and extensive consulting on customer's sites.
  • User trainings for professional strain gauge installation and application
  • Assistance with strain gauge installations (see Services)
  • Authorised supplier of VISHAY MEASUREMENTS GROUP products
  • Representative of TSM products in Germany
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