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Strain Gauge Services

Based on more than 30 years experience, our engineers are extremely well grounded in strain gauge measurement technology, and strain gauge users are encouraged to make as much as possible use of our expertise.

If with your measurement projects bottlenecks were turning up with regard to personnel or equipment, our engineers are always at your disposal. This applies for sensor installations as well as for performing entire measurement projects for you.

This is of particular importance when measurement activities occur rather seldom in your day-by-day work, and expansive investments in equipment and personnel would not pay off.

Our long time experience, engineering know-how, and technical skills enable us to carry out your strain gauge installations swiftly, professionally and with utmost precision. Entire measurements can be performed at the customer's site, or in our labs if shipping costs and handling were at tolerable levels.

Thus, we offer to carry out your strain gauge installations as well as to perform entire strain gauge measurements for you.

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