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Our Products for Measurement Technology

Computer-controlled Data Acquisition Systems for electronical measurements of mechanical quantities are belonging to our core competence. A great variety of respective instrumentation meets the needs and requirements of each task and every budget.


With regard to their fields of application, the Traveller-Series bridge amplifiers together with their application related software packages offer highest flexibility and unparalleled cost efficiency. They allow for high-comfort, extremely user-friendly acquisition of static and dynamic data, whether in lab environment, in mobile field applications or on board of vehicles, ships or aircrafts.


Force and Torque Transducers

Our force and torque measurement products line includes a wide variety of different transducer designs. Further to standard stand-alone transducers,we also offer models with integrated amplifiers and read-out electronics.

Load Cells

Strain Gauges and Strain Gauge Installation Accessories

We offer a wide range of strain gauges and accessories for any possible stress analysis application from worldwide recognised manufacturers, and on extremely favourable price levels.

Strain Gauges
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